NFL Teaser and Pleaser Bets

The NFL is inarguably one of the most popular sporting leagues in the world, but especially popular in North America. Each year, people who think they know the league inside and out place thousands of wagers on individual games, player performances, and any number of other propositions. While straight betting on the moneyline or on the over/under is a popular way to bet, many people go about their wagering blissfully unaware of the plethora of other betting choices laid out in front of them. Among these numerous betting options are both teaser and pleaser bets. These two wager types, while similar, are great ways to turn a big profit while betting on the NFL this season. In the following few sections, everything there is to know about teaser and pleaser bets will be explained and elaborated upon.

Teaser Bets Explained

A teaser bet works in much the same way as a parlay, only the wagers you make are tilted more in your favor. For example, in a teaser bet, instead of a team needing to cover 10.5 points, they may only have to cover 2.5. This means that in a 4-team teaser, the odds of all four selected teams covering their respective teaser spreads is much greater than what it would be if you selected the same 4 teams in a traditional parlay. Of course, because you are more likely to win a teaser bet, the payouts are not quite as robust as what you would get from your traditional parlay.

Pleaser Bets Explained

Like teasers, pleaser bets are very similar to parlays in that you must select and wager upon at least two games/teams. The difference between a teaser and pleaser, however, is that a pleaser bet forces you to give up more points than you would have normally. For example, if a team is the underdog by 7 points in a traditional spread bet, a pleaser bet may see them now be slightly favored. If a team is already favored to win by 2.5 points or more, a pleaser bet may see them need to cover more than 10 points in order for the wager to be a winner.

Pleaser bets are so attractive simply due to the fact that the payouts are so astronomically high. This is so because a pleaser bet is basically telling the odds makers that they are very wrong in their current point/spread prediction. While it may be a bit more difficult to hit a pleaser bet than it is to hit a teaser, the reward is often worth the gamble.

Teaser and Pleaser Bet Strategy

The thing about teaser and pleaser bets is that they exist in order to force you to make crazier wagers than you would normally. With teaser bets especially, people find themselves making 7or more-team teasers simply because they think losing is an impossibility. With pleaser bets, people will risk a lot of money simply because the amount in which they stand to win is so large.

The best strategy one can pursue when regularly placing teaser and pleaser bets is to do your research and to not overdo it on the first wager. The biggest mistake bettors of all calibers make is that of thinking they know more than the oddsmakers who create NFL lines week in and week out. The reality of the matter is that those people set lines and point spreads for a living and you will very rarely outsmart them. While doing your research into player and team matchups prior to an NFL game kicking off is important, do not let your reading and research delude you into thinking you are an NFL expert. Too many people who think they know better quickly find themselves on the losing end of countless parlays, teasers, and pleasers.

The other bit of advice I can offer is to start small and work your way up. This is especially true with teaser bets because, more often than not, you need to wager a lot of money in order to win a lot of money. While this is true for most every wager ever, teaser bets often trick people into thinking that they are a guaranteed winner prior to the game’s kicking off. If you recklessly spend your bankroll on one teaser bet and lose, you will find yourself having to deposit more money into your player account week after week. Remember, even if only one of the wagers in a teaser or pleasers does not happen, your bet is a loss.