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Online sports betting continues to be hugely popular worldwide and with good reason—it’s the easiest and most convenient way to bet on sports. The top sports betting sites offer technology, variety and wagering options that equal and often exceed the best land based sportsbooks in the world. No matter where you live you can find an online betting site that serves your needs and wagering style. With the help of, we've come up with a solid sports betting guide that may help you win online when betting on sports.

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Betting on Sports Online

Betting on sports is something everyone thinks they can do, but in reality only few can. With so much information flung in front of you for each and every wager you place, this fun activity can quickly turn into a money-bleeding nightmare. For most, betting on sports turns ugly due to the simple fact that they are throwing money around without actually knowing what they are doing. Without full comprehension of every bet and the money you stand to win, you will often find yourself making ill-advised bets that, in hindsight, you would have never made. In the following few sections, everything there is to know about betting on sports, including the different types of bets available, will be briefly touched upon as to broaden your general understanding of sports betting online.

Advantages of Betting Online

There’s other advantages to playing at an online sportsbook. Many offer bonuses for a wide variety of reasons including loyalty, special events and when you ‘post up’ or reload your account. Some online betting sites also feature popular casino games, poker, skill games like backgammon and horse racing betting options. You can also find a wealth of valuable statistical information and sports betting tips for all major sports. Some sites partner with top Las Vegas handicappers to provide their sports betting picks to clients.

While there are plenty of good reasons to bet at an online sportsbook it’s also important to pick the right one for your location and betting style. Most sports books only serve specific countries or geographic regions in order to best facilitate money transfers and to focus on sports that a particular demographic might have interest in.

The good news is that customer service is perhaps the best area for a sportsbook to differentiate itself from competitors meaning that by and large it’s very good. Sportsbook support staff can assist you with every phase of the process from opening and funding an account, learning how to use the betting platform, explaining what other betting options are offered and how to quickly and accurately process payouts.

Sports betting is enjoying increased popularity worldwide and that trend will continue for years to come. And despite the growth in land based gambling outlets, there’s every reason to think that betting with online sportsbooks will remain the best way to play for clients worldwide for the next decade and beyond.

Common Sports Bets Explained

Point Spread Betting

One of the most popular type of wagers is what is known as a point spread wager. With this bet, you are putting money on the quantity of points a given team wins or loses by.

On every site, bookies will determine the spread prior to the sporting event kicking off. As an example, let’s say the spread of an MLB game featuring the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles sees the Yankees favored by 1.5 runs while the Orioles are the underdogs by that same tally. The sports betting line for this hypothetical matchup will look something like New York (-1.5); Baltimore (+1.5). By placing a point spread bet on the Yankees, you are wagering money in hopes that the Yankees win by 2 runs or more. Conversely, a spread bet on the Orioles sees you hoping that Baltimore will either win, or lose by no more than 1 run.

To put it simply, think about the (-) and (+) in spread betting as the number of points each team begins the game with. In this example, the Yankees need to undo a 1.5 run deficit in order for you to win your bet while the Orioles need to maintain their 1.5 run lead or add to it in order for you to win. The same basic concept governs point spread betting on any and every sport from around the world.

Moneyline Betting

Moneyline betting is also known as a straight bet. This style of betting requires you to simply pick the team that you think will win and place money on them. As is the case with point spread betting, bookies will set the moneyline prior to the event’s kicking off.

In almost every moneyline bet, there will be a favorite, indicated by a (-), and an underdog, indicated by a (+). Next to the (-) or (+) will be a number, this number is the avenue by which you calculate how much a bet on Team A or Team B stands to win you. For a full explanation of how to calculate moneyline bets, check out our NFL moneyline betting section.

Over/Under Betting

The last, and simplest, form of straight, single game wagering is what is known as an over/under wager. This type of bet sees you wager money based on the total number of points scored in a specific game between both teams. Prior to the beginning of the match or game, a bookmaker will set the total and your job is to guess whether the total points scored will be over that preset margin, or under it.

As an example, let’s say that a college basketball game between the University of North Carolina and Duke University has an over/under of 152 points. By wagering the over, you are saying that UNC and Duke will combine for 153 points or more. Conversely, a bet on the under means that no more than 151 points can be scored in order for you to win. While this is the most straightforward style of wagering, it is often the most difficult to win simply because every game in every sport is different and while one night a team can score an endless number of points, other nights they may not score many at all.

Parlay Bets

A parlay is a single bet which combines the results of a number of different games. In order for you to win a parlay bet, every outcome which you selected must come to fruition. If you picked the results of 7 games in a parlay and only 6 of them prove to match your wager, you will still lose.

The allure of parlays is that the more results you guess correctly, the larger your payout will be. With that said, however, the house edge on a parlay bet is much higher than it would be on a straight moneyline wager. In our NFL parlay bets section, this style of betting is discussed in much more detail, and includes some sports betting advice as well.

Teaser and Pleaser Bets

Teasers and Pleasers are betting styles that are similar to parlays due to the fact that you are selecting the outcome of multiple games at a time. With that said, however, teasers and pleasers boast subtle differences that make them unique.

With regard to teaser bets, they work in such a way that the chances of you winning are much greater than in a traditional parlay. This is so because teasers adjust the spread of each and every individual game such that it is easier for the team in question to cover. The one drawback to teaser bets, however, is that they do not offer the monstrous payouts like the ones seen derived from winning parlay bets. In our NFL teasers and pleasers page, this style of wagering as well as examples and advice will be touched upon in greater detail.

To put it simply, pleaser bets are the direct opposite of teaser bets. Instead of adjusting the point spread in your favor, pleasers adjust the line such that it is more difficult for the teams to cover. While this style of betting may seem like a waste of time, pleaser bets often offer even larger payouts than what you will find from parlay wagers.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is a somewhat confusing style of betting where the bettor is guaranteeing him or herself a win regardless of the outcome of the game being wagered upon. As you could have probably guessed, Arbitrage betting is extremely difficult to execute, and when you are able to execute it correctly, your winnings pale in comparison to the amount of money you wagered. In our NFL Arbitrage betting section, this style of wager is discussed in much greater detail.

If you want to learn more about any of the aforementioned bets, feel free to check out the explanatory guides we offer. Each guide offers an in-depth explanation of the betting style in question as well as examples in order to help you apply what can often prove to be a confusing wagering style to a real-life (hypothetical) sporting event.