December 3, 2014

NHL Betting Preview for December 3, 2014

NHL Betting Preview for December 3, 2014&h=253&w=372&zc=1

Short card of NHL action for Wednesday–here’s a preview of the top two games on the board:


The Canadiens are one of three teams with 36 points on the year all chasing the Tampa Bay Lightning who have 37 points, tops in the NHL. The Habs might get a kick in the pants tonight since they *should* play their guts out to honor Canadiens legend Jean Beliveau, who died yesterday at the age of 83. Beliveau is remembered even by Toronto Maple Leafs’ fans as one hell of a player and a consummate class act. He also won *ten* Stanley Cup championships during his career. The guy’s nickname says it all: “The Pope of Hockey”.

The Habs haven’t been playing particularly well losing three of their last four. Minnesota is well known for being a downright nasty team at home (and a downright mediocre team on the road). Wild will be without their best defenseman, Jason Suter, who is sick and has been tested for mumps. The Canadiens show up big to honor one of their legends.



Both teams will be playing backup goalies with Jake Allen starting for the Blues and Antti Raanta getting the nod for the Hawks. Starting Chicago goalie Corey Crawford is out a couple of weeks after sustaining a lower body injury at a Rise Against concert. While all of the wanna-be Mulder and Scully’s on the Internet are tittering that Crawford *had* to be three sheets to the wind to injure himself like this I did the exact same thing several months ago. Anyway, here’s what Crawford says:

“I was at a concert the other day and was on the way out and missed a step. I didn’t think it was that bad. I got up the next day, and it was worse than I thought. I’m pretty embarrassed about it, frustrated. Things were going really well. Right now, I’m just thinking about trying to get back as quickly as possible and make sure I’m right back where I was when I left off.”

I’d probably think that he was liquored up as well had I not had a similar experience recently. I was going down the stairs in front of my house to get a pizza I had ordered. I was trying to read something on my phone and thought I was at the bottom of the steps when there was in actuality one more. I bounced landed wrong on one foot and then bounced off the other. The result was a broken big toe in one foot and a broken second toe in the other foot. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if Crawford was distracted by his telephone when this all happened.

Anyway, back up goalies on both ends of the ice. Blackhawks have played well lately and have won 6 of the last 8 meetings with the Blues at home. That being said, this is a very good Blues team to be getting at a bargain basement price.