March 17, 2016

NCAA Basketball Betting: California vs. Hawaii

NCAA Basketball Betting:  California vs. Hawaii&h=253&w=372&zc=1

California gets a lot of love from a lot of sharp basketball people. And they’ve definitely got talent–like three legit NBA prospects on their roster. This is a very challenging matchup for them and we’re not sure that the linesmakers and/or the public are giving Hawaii the respect they deserve.

Let’s talk about the Cal Bears first. Three downright legit NBA prospects–Tyrone Wallace,
Jordan Mathews and Jabari Bird are a serious challenge for anyone. They’re getting a lot of ink from the national media and as a rule we’d rather bet against teams than on teams that are all of a sudden the darlings of the mainstream sports media. That’s precisely how ‘overrated’ teams get that way. While I’m not going to go so far as to say Cal is overrated they’re not of the level that they can just look past a solid Hawaii team and beat them off sheer talent.

Eran Gorat is Hawaii’s head coach and before that he was an assistant coach at St. Mary’s. The Rainbows have a nice guard trio of their own and while they might not have a NBA level pedigree they work their ass off and could cause Cal’s backcourt a lot of trouble: Aaron Valdes, Quincy Smith and Roderick Bobbitt. The Rainbows have good size throughout the team and won’t be intimidated by Cal’s athletes. A mistake that many people make is automatically dismissing teams based simply on their conference affiliation. That might make sense in football but most definitely not basketball.

One of the most important sports betting lessons I’ve learned came to me early in my career when some random wise guy told me “sometimes the board will speak to you so make sure that you listen.” It doesn’t take a genius like ‘Norman Einstein’ to see what is going on here. A team that has been the beneficiary of considerable hype is just -4.5 or -5 over a team that no one associates with good basketball? One of my associates had a good line about this game just the other day: “you should know better than to lay points on the road with any Cal Bears team”. We won’t make that mistake here.