June 5, 2016

NBA Basketball Betting: Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA Basketball Betting:  Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers&h=253&w=372&zc=1

The NBA is an embarrassment right now but it sure isn’t the fault of the Golden State Warriors. It wasn’t that long ago that every team in the league had a couple of star level players and were anxious to give the top teams a battle when they came to town. Now teams like the Philadelphia 76ers and–sadly–the Los Angeles Lakers are just cashing checks. Kobe Bryant couldn’t get away from the sorry lot currently disgracing the purple and gold fast enough. The league has gone from a 82 game plus the playoffs war between men like Charles Oakley, Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwan, Patrick Ewing, etc. etc. to a collection of overpaid babies who take a week off for a minor boo boo. There are a few exceptions–and most of them play for the Golden State Warriors.

It’s hard to pinpoint where the NBA started to swirl down the toilet. It’s reached a point where there are 29 teams that are somewhere between ‘slightly below mediocre’ and ‘slightly above mediocre’–and the Golden State Warriors. Some have dismissed their win records as phony simply because the competitive level of the rest of the league is so sad. They might have a valid case. It’s doubtful that the Warriors would have won 72 games in the Jordan-era NBA but they would have showed up and competed every night and won their fair share.

The sad reality is that simply ‘showing up and competing every night’ is enough to be a NBA champion now. Again, not taking anything away from this brutally talented group of Warriors but much of their success lies in the fact that they show up to play hard every night and in every game. The rest of the league hasn’t done that for awhile now and at its current nadir many teams don’t play hard for a full game more than a half dozen times per year. Witness the pitiful Los Angeles Lakers’ team that Kobe Bryant was forced to endure in his final season–it’s a team full of purportedly talented head cases that couldn’t care less about playing NBA basketball at a high level, let alone the pride that *should* come with wearing the purple and gold.

Golden State wins and sweeps the Cavaliers and hopefully starts a process whereby GM’s start building teams the right way.