January 26, 2015

NBA Basketball Betting for January 26, 2015

NBA Basketball Betting for January 26, 2015&h=253&w=372&zc=1

The NHL returns to work on Tuesday so we’ll look at the NBA card for Monday. Just five games on the schedule for tonight with the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets already cancelling their games due to snow. If the hysterical coverage from The Weather Channel is any indication there will be more cancellations on Tuesday including the best hockey game on the NHL slate between the New York Islanders and New York Rangers. The Isles-Rangers game hasn’t been postponed yet but if there’s anything close to the snowfall that is being predicted it will be. Accuweather who is much more measured than The Weather Channel’s always over the top coverage suggests that the storm will ‘shut down’ the Boston and NYC Metro Areas on Tuesday so pretty much anything in that area and possibly as far South as Washington DC will be postponed.

What also happens–and really makes a bad situation even worse–is that the various government officials trip all over themselves to look ‘proactive’ and to ‘exhibit leadership’ during the storm. They do this by issuing premature closures, cancellations, travel bans, etc. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has flooded his Twitter stream with proclamations and general Winter weather advice. Since Christie is planning to run for President it won’t be surprising if he commandeers a tank and drives through Newark just for the photo op to make sure the citizens of the Garden State are safe. Connecticut governor Dan Malloy is all over it as well and already has a ‘news briefing’ scheduled to assuage the fears of anxious residents. And, of course, New York City Mayor Bill Di Blasio is all over the place ‘acting Mayoral’. Of course it wouldn’t be Di Blasio if he didn’t kill any possible modicum of fun that might be had from the blizzard–he’s already made clear that food delivery bicycles aren’t allowed out during travel bans. And that underscores the point of all of this–there’s definitely some advisable safety precautions to be taken during severe weather. In some cases, even travel bans are wise. But too much of this nonsense is just an opportunity for power mad vermin like DiBlasio to get a lot of ‘face time’ in the media and to do what they love the most, which is telling people how to live. Hopefully, the various food delivery services in NYC will ignore Di Blasio en masse and keep the Chinese food moving to area residents.

I really don’t like the NBA card for tonight so only two plays, both involving bad teams:



The collective zeitgeist expected the OKC Thunder to get on a winning roll just as soon as Kevin Durant returned to action. It hasn’t exactly happened that way. They’ve got considerable ground to make up in the Western Conference standings but will need to do better than .500 ball if they’re going to make the playoffs, let alone improve their seeding. The Timberwolves are a bad team to begin with and one that keeps suffering additional indignity due to injury. Imagine the Edmonton Oilers if they were also injury prone. Leading scorer Kevin Martin is out, point guard Ricky Rubio has been out and no one has a clue when he’ll return. Here’s the rub, however–the TWolves have been a decent ATS team of late. They’ve covered 9 of their last 16 and catch the Thunder playing their only home game in a 9 game stretch. TWolves hang around enough to cover this number.



The Magic are a bad team but unlike most of the bottom feeders in the NBA they at least play hard most of the time. They’re a team comprised of no-name players that want to ‘build a rep’ in the league and that at least gets them to exert a decent effort no matter how dismal the team’s prospects. But, alas, since they’re in the weak Eastern Conference they’re not anywhere near to being out of contention–in fact, they’re just 5 games out of the playoffs. Orlando has been a good pointspread team on the road with a 17-10 ATS record and have covered thirteen of twenty against opponents with a record over .500. Memphis plays at Dallas tomorrow night and could be looking past the Magic.