June 3, 2016

NBA Basketball Betting: Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors

NBA Basketball Betting:  Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors&h=253&w=372&zc=1

The Cleveland Cavaliers would likely be content with a split in their opening two games of the NBA playoffs. They’re playing at Golden State, after all, where the Warriors lost only twice all season long. What they can’t be happy with is the way that they played in Game One. The game set up perfectly for a Cleveland upset. The Warriors had just come back from a 3-1 deficit against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Finals and were a poster child for the ‘Game Seven Hangover’ effect that is one of the strongest ‘go against’ situations in every sport. Cleveland had taken care of Toronto in six games giving them a good rest before this series began.

As it worked out, Game One was a complete fiasco for Cleveland and they looked bad in every phase of the game. Of particular embarrassment was their 38.1% shooting from the field. Golden State is a strong defensive team but for an offense of Cleveland’s pedigree that poor shooting is inexcusable. For whatever reason, this has happened to LeBron James’ teams throughout his career. When he is focused and ‘into’ the game he’s as good as anyone that has ever laced up their shoes in the NBA. The problem is that every now and then he–and his team–have this look like they think they can just show up at the arena and win with minimal effort. That’s the way it looked in Game One.

Historically, LeBron has been very good off of an embarrassing loss. This Cleveland team, however, has not. Year to date, the Cavs are 2-7 ATS following a loss of 10 or more points. Sure, they’re a ‘public’ team and perpetually overvalued during the regular season but that doesn’t completely explain their 6-3 SU/2-7 ATS performance in this situation. Those records suggest that instead of ‘asserting their presence with authority’ they come out and scrap out a win.

Of course were they to do that here that would give them a split at Golden State and cash the ticket for us. At the very least, we’ll expect a stronger effort in Game Two.