June 11, 2016

NBA Basketball Betting: Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors

NBA Basketball Betting:  Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors&h=253&w=372&zc=1

The Golden State Warriors will have an opportunity to put a merciful end to the NBA season and eliminate the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday night at home. After the Warriors ‘did the job’ for the Cavs in Game Three it was back to the previous dynamic of this series in Game Four. The Warriors dominated every phase of the game and left LeBron whining and head coach Tyrone Lue grasping at straws.

Lue is at least trying though he’s completely overmatched here. He’s trying to exhort his team by suggesting that if they ‘don’t think they can win’ to ‘not get on the plane’. He’s also lobbying for preferential officiating for LeBron by making the curious case that LeBron ‘doesn’t get any calls’. Because if we know *anything* about the NBA it’s that they call games right down the middle and their big superstars never get preferential treatment.

To be fair, LeBron *isn’t* getting to the line as often as during the regular season. Of course, that might have something to do with the fact that he didn’t play the swarming defense of the Golden State Warriors every night. As for Bron-Bron, he’s going with the ‘boo hoo I was disrespected’ routine again. This time, he went grill to grill with Golden State’s Draymond Green. LeBron’s side of the story is that Green said something ‘disrespectful’ but Green wasn’t about to let ‘King James’ step over him. Who can blame him? Anyway, there’s a chance that Green will be suspended for Game Five. It probably won’t matter.

The Warriors are an outlier in the borderline unwatchable NBA circa 2016. They actually show up to play 48 minutes for every game. They’re talented to be sure, but sadly it’s reached the point where they can win on most nights based on effort alone. What’s even more sad–that dynamic didn’t change once the playoffs started. Golden State plays great basketball on both ends of the court and most importantly they exert a constant effort. They’ve been great as a home favorite of -6.5 to -9 points this season going 9-3 ATS and 11-1 SU. Cleveland 2-5 ATS avenging a home loss and 3-8 ATS after a loss of 10+ points.